So, what I may not have made obvious through my inconsistent presence here is that I create things. Its true. Its truth. My truth!

I create.

Sometimes I create a clean uncluttered home … not all that often though!

I try and work on creating a better life and a best self, I tell you its a labour of love, the emphasis being on Labour. Its not my natural fall back state of being. When I say I create, I could perhaps more accurately say –  ‘I make things.’

Sometimes I make cards and Scrapbook pages, and project life layouts.

Often I crochet. I bake and sew.

I garden, I photograph things and Write.

Sometimes I create Blogs. Other times planners, bullet journals or a diary. Maybe a home management manual!

Sometimes I’m like Tinkerbell. I find things and make them into something else. Sometimes I have an idea I want to make something, I think about what I could find, use, change to suit my purpose and meet the need.

Right Now I Knit and Knit and Knit some more.

I knit Doll clothes. Blythe Doll Clothes.

Have I been hiding this from you?

… No … Yes …  Not really? Maybe?

You see I was just busy creating a blog! A blog focused on the subject of what was my most consuming interest … at the time.

Don’t misunderstand me … I want you all to know your worth and accept yourself and love who you are as much as I want that for myself. Society in general is seriously lacking in kindness, love and gratitude. Treating ourselves to these attitudes and behaviours undoubtedly creates a flow on effect. However, I don’t see myself as a leader in this area. When I’m into it and its presence consumes me, my enthusiasm is infectious and I am happy to share it with all. Its the same with any and all of my creative endeavours.

So, that’s where this blog started, in self love, with a strong confidant voice but its not always going to be that way. I’m here to let you know that the focus is changing.

I’ll be showing up here sharing some stuff I’ve made.  Paper, Yarn, Fabric, Food, Nature, Learning and probably some dolls from time to time. It flies in the face of all wisdom about what makes a good blog and how to blog and finding your people and attracting your tribe. I know my tribe will find me, some of you already have, some of you will go but that is totally OK because its not about the numbers, its about connection. If you feel it, you will stay. Sometimes less is more.



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