The Mr and I  recently spent three nights in the beautiful Kosciusko National Park at  Yarrangobilly caves. His sister is Currently in Australia and wanted to spend some time with the children, so we saw it as the perfect opportunity for some alone time. We headed off way up into the mountains where we found ourselves left to Wonder. There is no mobile phone service, no internet connection and also no TV reception up there. Which turned out to actually be quite lovely!

Yarrangobilly River

No news, no weather forecast, no instant access to answers and no social media commitments. Meant a lot more ‘in the moment’ and free mental space. I came to realise that most of what I read and hear about in the ‘news’ only serves to worry me and cause distress. The news headlines right now are about Gropers on Japanese trains, Cyber attacks … Trump, Clinton … American Politics. Shootings in Florida. Fake kidnapping. Crazy person with an axe in a 7-eleven. Shortage of Doctors.

Does knowing about things that don’t directly affect me really add any value to my life?

“No news, is good news”

I realised while we were there that not knowing, didn’t hurt or hinder me. Actually I was quite content not to know the news at all, though maybe I would have answered differently before we unplugged for those few days. It had seemed important to be up to date with current affairs.

Wonder and Awe. Walking Track at Yarangobilly caves
Walking Track at Yarangobilly caves

What about having all the answers?

The couple of times I thought “Oh I’ll just look that up” and realised I couldn’t were not earth shattering or even slightly problematic.

It seems like now that we can get instant answers via the internet in our pockets, wonder is diminished or non existent … maybe its just that the word has lost one of its more traditional aspects of definition.

It saddens me a bit, to think that our Children will never know ‘Wonder’ in the way we did. The lingering longing for unknown information. That feeling of awe when seeing something for the first time and not being able to find out what it is minutes or seconds later. That enthusiastic conversation and questioning among peers as we engaged our logic trying to unravel facts and fiction to establish truth.

Wonder and Awe. Yarrangobilly Caves. Photography by Tammy James
Limestone formation over a small reflective pond.

The Aim of the trip was some bonding time for us as a couple but I additionally got a few unexpected insights and lessons from it. That part of the Country is stunning. I was in Awe of seeing wild horses for the first time and the amazing cave formations. Out of internet technologies reach, for me was time well spent.

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