So, about two weeks ago I started to get an itch to crochet some people sized items. Impulsively I chose this Virus shawl pattern as I had been seeing it pop up online quite frequently and it seemed a project easy to adjust gauge and size for.

I had been working on doll clothes with Holst garn Coast  and decided it would be the perfect yarn for an Autumn shawl if only it was heavier than 2ply. Coast is my Go to yarn for small scale items hence I have a broad range of colours. I decided to mix them up a bit! My personal wardrobe palette consists of  predominately Orange, Olive, Brown and Navy. So, I opted to stick with a predominant base of Blue or green shades adding in browns, oranges, purples and Yellows. Ensuring the shawl will probably match with almost anything I wear.


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I had some sinus issues that week. I was able to spend a couple of hours each day on my Virus shawl which meant I finished it in a week. Canberra has turned on a couple of beautiful Autumnal days with Chilly mornings Followed by sunshine. This means I have already had opportunities to wear it and its lovely!

You can find details for the pattern via my ravelry profile. Or if you search online you should be able to find it without any trouble. It is a charted pattern but I did find some written instructions too. I found these slightly difficult to follow and note they should probably be used in conjunction with the chart


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