I started dealing with one particular bundle of my emotional baggage about 15 months ago. Really if I thought it was emotional baggage at the start, unpacking it has bought up a few surprises. I have found myself parenting my inner 17 year old self quite a bit, amongst other things. Such as, really … really examining if a long held belief was just something I told myself and held onto; or if it was a real and intuitive truth. Maybe, my black and white way of viewing something was actually grey.

Unpacking this issue has really helped me define how I view Spirit. Spirit as Cosmic energy, divine light and pure love. Spirit that is not constrained by lifetimes, or bodies, with connections that can span Millennia. I didn’t make a conscious choice to pop the inner bubble that contained the baggage. Actually, it was hurled in front of me, forcing my hand. My fight or flight responses were triggered by something in the Media. “Why are you doing this to me Universe?” I thought. Why now? Whats the lesson??

So, here I find myself, at a junction with a peaceful feeling and an attitude of absolute trust in the process.  A confirmation of a cosmic truth or alternately, a revelation of a long held belief as fiction; will come soon. Change in my thinking is imminent. I can honestly say whichever way this goes, whatever is revealed is OK. Really absolutely and perfectly fine. Revelation of fiction lets me discard the whole thing and move on, Confirmation of intuitive truth brings an unknown resolution to work with.

Either result brings about change.

Especially relevant, is the fact that, in each situation the outcome sees me releasing emotional energy I have held in reserve for a long time which, allows me to move forward.

Finally I have arrived at a willingness to surrender anticipated outcomes.

Further more I am ready to trust in the process and I look forward to what comes next regarding this particular set of circumstances.


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2 thoughts on “I have arrived

  1. So many truths here. I’ve found myself at the same spot quite recently, and I have struggled because my entire inner self is unsettled. But I have to trust the process. Thanks!

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