November was hugely eventful for me personally. These were the big and mostly unexpected bumps of my November journey.

Job interview.

In Mid October I applied for a job that held such high appeal for me. It was a work Study arrangement, full time Cert 3 in Horticulture.

In Early November I went in for an interview. The first formal Interview I had sat for in a couple of decades. I attend an interview, questioned by a panel of 3, which was a little Nerve wracking but mostly accepted as a learning experience by me.

Wedding Photography.

A few days after my interview, an old friend of mine was getting married again. The couple had previously married overseas, years earlier. It was only recently that they learned that the union was not legally recognised in Australia. They were having trouble finding a photographer on short notice. While people and events are not my typical genre I cautiously queried her request for a photographer. We had a chat about where were both were in terms of experience and expectations; and I agreed to do it. I felt an element of nervous challenge in this, but welcomed the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and get some experience.

On the day I took lots of photos and have an edited selection which I worked on for the week following the wedding, of at least 100 ( a few more ) to give them soon.

Wedding Flowers.

During the course of that conversation, she shared her plans for the day which included a boho and casual vibe. I have an amazing garden and an emergent interest in floristry.

So, naturally I offered to supply her wedding bouquet and flowers for the tables. We shared some ideas via pinterest and agreed on casual jam jar groupings of wild flower type arrangements.

I created a beautiful bouquet of various pink roses with white freesias. It had colour accents of green and a tiny hint of orange. I made a sturdy arrangement for her young daughter and on the day I had set all the table flowers up before meeting her to start some photos.


A few days after the wedding it was my Birthday. I was absolutely spoiled by my family with gifts of – tickets to events, jewelery, meals and just generally lots of love.


Then our dog almost died twice in a 9 or 10 day period. You can read about her IMTP here.


Around the middle of the emotional rollercoaster that was Bella’s week of hospitalisation and sickness, I woke up one morning with a sore knee. That is, I could barely walk it was so painful. I had no idea what I had done to cause this injury. So, off I went to the doctor and have had an Xray and an Ultrasound. I have minor fluid on the medial side of my left knee. It still aches and is sore but much better than it was in those first few days. A heat pack and rest certainly help to ease the discomfort.

No job.

In the days Between my XRay and Ultrasound I received a letter telling me that I didn’t get the awesome job I had felt so good about and been planning for.

On the upside, I would have probably taken that rejection as quite a heavy blow, had other more serious things not been going on around and with me.

Facing the potential loss of my little Bella shadow, the puppy who helped bring laughter back into my life was just simply heartbreaking. Many tears were shed.

Being in pain and not having my full range of mobility was worrying and annoying.

So, not getting an awesome job that would have absolutely changed the day to day life of our entire family was … just ‘a thing’ that happened. Just a non consequential thing in the grand scheme of it all. Sure, it would have been good in many ways but there are so many more important things.

Love, Laughter and Life.



That door closes, another opens. November has been a month where I really stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself. Also a big month for me with huge emotional range.

Welcome December, I approach you with a degree of calm and I hope, grace.

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