We should never underestimate the value of sleep in the Equation of happiness, health and Well being.

The business of sleep does not start when you go to bed. It starts, I believe, when you wake up in the morning!

In fact, Movement, Nourishment and Hydration all have their parts to play in achieving restful sleep.


Nourishment comes in the form of what you eat and what you expose yourself to. I broadly split Nourishment into two categories :- Nourishing Mind and Nourishing Body.

There is also ‘Nourishing Spirit’ another important category on its own, but for the purpose of this post I’m working with Mind and Body, in relation to Sleep.


It is commonly known that Nourishment for your body comes when making healthy dietary choices. Avoiding anything too fatty, sugary, salty … etc

For me Nourishing body with food is based on making more plant based choices and less processed choices, as well as opting for made from Scratch over mass produced. While I do eat processed and mass produced food, I am slowly changing my habits to include more natural foods in my diet.

Water, water, water. There’s no more to say than, drink your water peeps! Your body is made of up to 60% water and a large portion of your brain, heart and lungs are water, therefore you should replenish it frequently.

I’m currently taking in arould 2l a day. I’m tracking my water consumption on the fitbit app help me keep on top of this goal.

Honour your body with movement. It doesn’t have to be an exercise class or gym session, it can be as simple as a walk down the road. I do a 30 minute strength session with a personal trainer once a week and aim to get in one yoga class a week, though I’ve not been for the last few weeks.

Baby crested pigeon asleep with its Mama. sleep.



What inspires you, what brings you Joy, What makes you think?

What we listen to, what we watch and what we read can nourish or numb our mind. In general you will be better served by making choices that are engaging and interesting when it comes to media. Though I do admit, some mental numbness is desirable at times. A couple of my beneficial choices are audio books and meditation.

In the area of mind nourishment I think creativity plays a pivotal role.

Build, write, draw, paint …

Sing, dance or do a puzzle …

Paste, stitch or solve a problem …

Whatever creativity looks like to you, indulge it,

make something!


This is all playing in my mind as we come towards the end of Summer holidays. My youngest child has been having some sleep related problems. On the days he makes an effort to do a little exercise, be creative and eat well; he is able to get to sleep with more ease and stay asleep through the night.

Its so good to see him making an effort and setting himself up to win, which incidentally, is a phrase I’ve been bandying about here a lot lately … “Set yourself up to win”

Sweet Dreams lovely Readers.




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